My Grandfather’s Sky

Hills that beg you to keep seeking the other side. A sky that calls you to fly up and above to the mountains of your dreams. My Grandfather, who I never met, grew among the grasses and hills, the deer and moose and grizzly, and under that sky who called. 

In the vast open space, I understood — I knew him — at last. I understood why he escaped his crib and ran down the dirt road again and again. And why, even though his parents put him in a boarding school to tame his wandering adventurer, they never could. Why he enlisted in the front lines in the Pacific. And why the monotony of a 9-5 in suburbia destroyed him. 

I felt him there within my heart, within my bones. I knew why and how his soul could be crushed — a wild bird locked in a cage.  He died of a broken spirit long before he left his body. 

On this trip, I couldn’t make it to the mountains of my dreams, the road to the sun blocked by Oregon’s smoke; yet, I gained more than my intentions. A feeling of wholeness, of integration, of knowing this man, this mystery — feeling his DNA come alive within mine. 

I’ll return in Spring. To let his essence bloom within my consciousness, to let him live on. For just like him, the hills and sky call to my Spirit. 

7 thoughts on “My Grandfather’s Sky

  1. I really enjoyed this blog post. The line “And why the monotony of a 9-5 in suburbia destroyed him” really resonated because I worked in a govt office for 14 yrs before I escaped at age 51. Loved the last line too! Is that photo from Montana? I lived in Anaconda MT for 3 yrs as a youth in the early 70’s and near Glacier NP for a year again in my 20’s.

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    1. Thanks, Ken! I can relate to that feeling as well, which is why I think I finally understood him after traveling to his home state. Yes! It is Montana! How lucky you lived there. I can’t wait to go back in Spring. I want to visit Bozeman and finally make it to Glacier. We had to turn around on the way to glacier because the smoke got so bad! I think it’ll be great to go in spring, anyway. You’ll have to tell me more about your time living there!


  2. Beautifully expressed emotions…
    That’s what happens with most of us…allowing creativity and the true self being destroyed in the confines of the four walls of an office cabin doing things we don’t like….some are being forced but most are there because they do not understand what they want…
    Stay blessed 🙏

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    1. That is absolutely true. Very well put. Many people are completely out of touch with what they want. Or they think they are obligated to live a certain way. Thank you for reading and responding. Blessings ✨🙏🏼🌙


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