glamzeeuh nt

  1. luxury of time, money, material or freedom that is not lasting, enduring, or permanent
  2. luxury of time, money, material or freedom that exists briefly, lasting only a short time 


  1. a transient person whose lifestyle balances poverty and homelessness with free or habitual indulgence in or enjoyment of freedom, adventure, pleasure, delicacy and refinement; often, a glamsient is successful by creating a patchwork of available resources for travel, housing and work
  2. a transient person who uses work and transience as a means to creating a lifestyle that allows time and money for self-actualizing undertakings such as creating or experiencing art, culture, luxury and self-fulfillment
  3. an impoverished person who uses transience as a means of ministering to indulgence, enjoyment, and self-actualization
  4. a blended word indicating a person and/or lifestyle that combines transience with sumptuous living — not to be confused with a trustafarian, a trustfunda or someone who is independently wealthy, a glamsient does not have family money nor a large sum of money nor a great income


  1. to behave as a glamsient person
  2. to behave in a glamsient manner
Photo by emsky,; glamsient dining in Carmel, CA

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