glamzeeuh nt

  1. luxury of time, money, material or freedom that is not lasting, enduring, or permanent
  2. luxury of time, money, material or freedom that exists briefly, lasting only a short time 


  1. a transient person whose lifestyle balances poverty and homelessness with free or habitual indulgence in or enjoyment of freedom, adventure, pleasure, delicacy and refinement; often, a glamsient is successful by creating a patchwork of available resources for travel, housing and work
  2. a transient person who uses work and transience as a means to creating a lifestyle that allows time and money for self-actualizing undertakings such as creating or experiencing art, culture, luxury and self-fulfillment
  3. an impoverished person who uses transience as a means of ministering to indulgence, enjoyment, and self-actualization
  4. a blended word indicating a person and/or lifestyle that combines transience with sumptuous living — not to be confused with a trustafarian, a trustfunda or someone who is independently wealthy, a glamsient does not have family money nor a large sum of money nor a great income


  1. to behave as a glamsient person
  2. to behave in a glamsient manner
Photo by emsky,; glamsient dining in Carmel, CA

One thought on “Glamsient

  1. […] Our community is only as strong as all our members and we can help each other significantly, but only with organizations like The Gill Tract Farm. Not only does the farm give the homeless population organic food, but progressive research on the grounds can (and has!) provided the larger community with sustainable agricultural processes. Plus, the farm inspires people to create food sovereignty, learn about plants, and retain a connection to the earth. People in the Gill Tract community don’t have to own a piece of agricultural land or have all the know how to reap the benefits of an established, thriving organic farm. This makes it vital to helping community members live well without a lot of funds — the very backbone of glamsient living! […]


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